funeral home MadisonWhen searching for a funeral home in Madison GA, families are turning to Henry Funeral Home and Cremation. Located in the historic sister home of the Blue Willow Restaurant in Social Circle. Families in Madison, Ga are finding it worth the short drive for the unique experience of what our funeral home has to offer:

  • Personalized service, we only have one visitation at a time
  • Easy to understand funeral and cremation pricing

Families in Madison, GA appreciate the historical and welcoming feel when visiting our facility. Stately rooms and an expansive porch are some of the features that are appealing when choosing a funeral home for visitation. We also are pleased to offer catering with fruit trays or desserts, with tea and coffee as refreshments.

Pricing is also a key feature we offer. Visit our website and explore our pricing for both cremation and traditional funerals.

We invite you to tour our facilities and see how we are tailoring our funeral services for Madison, Ga. Please contact us today by phone or email so we can schedule your tour and answer any questions you may have.