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April 2014

The Fear of Being Forgotten

By |Funeral Business|

In life we want to be loved, and after this life we want to be remembered. Even the cavemen wanted to be remembered. It was their way of saying, "I was here. I existed." They did it through markings. Today, we use photos and video to keep a record of our memories. It seems the [...]

Funerals should not focus on death, but on honoring the life

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Each life is absolutely precious. At one time, the deceased, most often the elderly, isn't seen in the big picture of their entire life, their story. They were once a little baby, they grew up, they played, made lifelong friendships. They loved, they lost. They went off to war, or they raised a family, cooked [...]

March 2014

The funeral business and social media

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Social media has given us all access to information in our world, and no exception is funerals. The veil of the once mysterious profession is now lifted. Questions can easily be answered without approaching the formidable steps to the funeral parlor, or the solemn mortician. Let us have a conversation. First, some of the terminology [...]