May 2017

The Importance of a Funeral Service

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The funeral is a ritual, a ritual in the way cultures in all times and places have marked significant events in their community. Religious holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah carry traditions that have been around for generations. Babies are often christened or dedicated. We gather to celebrate the marriage of friends. Birthdays call for a [...]

May 2016

Difference Between Preplanning and Prefunding a Funeral

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Preplanning and prefunding are not necessarily the same thing. Prefunding is paying for a funeral in advance, while preplanning is making funeral arrangements without making the payment in advance. The pricing won’t be locked in, but the planning part is arranged. Many things take place in preparation for a funeral in a very short amount [...]

April 2015

5 ways to make the funeral more personal

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Music - It's the soundtrack of our life. We drive to work to it, we got married and danced to it, we exercise to it. Songs that have special meaning can add so much. Recently, a family requested the opening theme to the movie "UP" for the tribute dvd for their mom. You see, she [...]

January 2015

James & Jeannie, 50th Anniversary of first date

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by James Walters There was a basketball game fifty years ago tonight at our high school and I don't even remember what team we played, but after finally developing enough courage to ask her out, Jeannie and I had our first date January 28, 1965. We were sixteen. She was a varsity cheerleader and had [...]

The Time Capsule

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The feeling one gets upon seeing a casket is dramatic. It varies, depending on the individual, but, it makes an impact. It is based on preconceived notions, influenced by books, Hollywood, and our own imaginations. The word “casket” comes to us from the French, it literally means “jewelry box”. This, ornate, wood or metal chest [...]

Children and Grief

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ALAN WOLFELT, a grief counselor and author of dozens of books about loss, likes to say, “Anyone old enough to love is old enough to grieve.” But what’s the best way for grieving parents to explain to children that their father or grandmother is gone? It’s not easy, especially considering that parents are inclined to [...]

November 2014

Wreaths Across America – James Walters

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by James Walters During my life I have been involved with many religious, civic, and veteran’s organizations, providing thousands of volunteer hours for various events and activities. For the previous decade, however, my primary passion of charitableness, other than my church, has involved the Wreaths Across America program, a non-profit group founded almost twenty- five [...]

October 2014

5 Reasons for Pre-planning a Funeral

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A funeral home telling you to pre-plan? That is hardly news, is it? That is just typical funeral home talk for selling. Is that how you feel? Certainly can seem that way. But I believe it is so important, I want you to pre-plan, even if it is with another funeral home. Here are five [...]

September 2014

The Wisdom of John Quincy Adams

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One of my absolute favorite ministers is Dr. Jim Martin. Dr. Martin served as the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Lithonia for over 27 years. He is both well loved and respected by all who have to pleasure of meeting him. He speaks at many funerals, and below is my favorite story he [...]

August 2014

Why we quit selling flowers & gifts

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Recently my funeral home ended a long relationship with the Sympathy Store, and I’m relieved. For over 5 years we hosted on our site the peddling of products for which is not in the best interest of our families we serve. High-priced products that don’t enhance, but are meant to nickel and dime people out [...]